Friday, 19 October 2012


I will be working with Big Art Factory in Conwy, North Wales all week in the run up to the lantern parade - creating lantern, masks, costumes and large animal headdresses! We will also be experimenting with black theatre so if you're in the area come along! Workshops will be taking place all week, see poster for more details!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Print at the Kazimier

Next up is a print workshop in the Kazimier Gardens! A wonderful space which has been open during the summer months as a sub venue from it's bigger counterpart the Kazimier. Again Ana Cade and I will be putting on another workshop to end the summer off nicely. This workshop focuses of relief printing and screen print skills. Again you will have the opportunity to explore these techniques thoroughly and their variations. An tutorial of pattern making and finally an opportunity to use these new learned skills to create your own mask.
Tickets can be bought directly through the paypal link here:

PARK Bank Holiday Weekender

During August bank holiday I became involved with the Really Now event at Camp & Furnace. Named PARK, it's purpose: to provide an alternative retreat from the usual drunken debauchery at Matthew St Festival and provide something different to the people of Liverpool. During this fellow printmaker Ana Cade and I decided to run our own print workshops during the event. Workshops which allowed participants to explore a range of print techniques learn the fundamentals behind pattern making and then create their very own Mask at the end with their newly learned skills. Alongside this I also designed banners to decorate the space during the weekend, which was also inspired by the Scandinavian theme, introducing folk art and pattern, tying together with the workshops.
Also here's a wee video of the days events, courtesy of Jay Walsh

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


So Ana Cade and I are putting on print workshops during Bank Holiday Sunday as part of the PARK festival at Camp and Furnace. Really Now events company have been working towards creating a Scandinavian inspired retreat in time for August Bank Holiday, over the weekend there will be a lovely variety of activities and shows to entertain yourself with. We have put together a print workshop which allows participants to have a go of 3 different print making techniques. Good for those who are beginners as well as those who want to scratch up on their skills. Attendees will use these newly developed skills to create their very own Scandinavian inspired masks, exploring pattern making and mark making. If you're interested in learning a few things this bank holiday,then please come along and join us, it should be a really lovely event amongst a range of other activities going on that weekend. More info below:

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


The lovely Natalie Bradbury asked me to illustrate the cover for the next cover of her fanzine Shrieking Violet, with it's 3rd birthday coming up this August. This design was inspired by the the themes of the cosmos, Kepler and facial abstraction. You can find the previous Shrieking Violet publications here

Friday, 22 June 2012


THREE FIDDY FOR A 2 COLOUR SCREEN PRINTED CARD, I MUST BE RUDDY MAD OR SUTIN... Get your own in the Summer fair at The Bluecoat tomorrow, I'll be there... waiting, for you.
"Bloomin 'eck Bobby, she's gone and made stuff that the everyday man can afford to nab a grab of"
That's what I hope you're thinking, and I'm probably right.

Sunday, 3 June 2012


If you never caught them all together, here are all three of the prints from the banner I create for the Double Negative's, Artist of the Month banner from March. managed to get them screen printed, first shown in Wolstenholme's record Store Day zine fair at the DN stall. Here are the three together: Bearded lady,Polish Pagan Mummer & Monsieur Strong Man
All prints for sale. Message me for more info.